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After years of researching the golf swing and becomming one of the fastest humans to ever swing a golf club, I decided I wanted to share with everyone the exact steps that got me there. With a very in depth knowledge basis, I knew we had to present the information in very simple, easy to follow system. Ultimately I wanted to go back to my day 1 and start there.

What we did was break the system down into the same algorithm we are running through our heads as coaches. In the end this gives the student a complete, systematical understanding of how everything works in the golf swing. This equips the student with various tools allowing them to become self sufficient.

Why The 150 MPH Blueprint?


First off, not many coaches can say they have achieved a 155 mph club head speed and with that comes an experience of knowing how to get there. Many people preach about speed, yet very few can actually do it. Learn from a coach that can walk the walk.


Secondly real results, over the years Josh and Dana have increased the  club head speed of people all over the world ranging from beginner golfer to PGA Pro. This pattern is science based and a lot of the concepts have been prooven by some of the top biomechanists all over the world.



Meet The Team


We are a group of passionate and growth minded professionals eager to share our knowledge of the golf swing with people all over the world.

Josh Koch

Hitbombs.com Coach

Dana Dahlquist

Hitbombs.com Coach

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